10 Most Manly Drinks

Beer isn’t considered to be the only manly drink anymore.  There are in fact lots of drinks which are quite manly and quite popular.  However, what does actually make a drink a man’s drink?  For a start, drinks with fruit tastes aren’t considered to be so manly and straws and fancy decorative items are also a big no!  However, what are the 10 manliest drinks available today?


Gin is quite a popular manly man drink because it’s quite strong and appealing.  Many find they combine the strong bitter tastes of gin with orange juice which makes it a lot smoother to drink.  This isn’t too strong but not too weak either, it has a perfect balance between gin and the orange juice used too.


A very popular drink has to be whiskey.  This is something which many men are looking at today because it’s quite strong and sweet.  Whiskey can be combined with a few things but it can be quite powerful.  This is certainly something that lots look to but there are many who cannot handle the unique taste that comes with whiskey.

The Side Car

This is a very lovely and appealing looking cocktail.  Now, cocktails can actually be very manly indeed if they are done correctly and the Side Car is one which looks extremely good.  This is a mix of cognac, triple sec and lemon juice – a very classic cocktail – and it comes with a massive kick.  Cognac often requires a certain taste and not every man can handle this drink, however, this really offer lots of toughness and panache.  It’s not a beer but it has a bigger kick.

The Bloody Bull

This is actually similar to the Bloody Mary drink with a few exceptions.  First of all, the Bloody Bull is made from lemon, beef bouillon, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce and of course vodka.  It’s a very strong and powerful combination with the ingredients but it’s a very popular option for many any manly man of today.  It can be a powerful taste but often one which is acquired over time.

The Snake Bite

A very popular option, the Snake Bite is a very strong but manly man drink.  This is really a shot drink and is lime juice and Canadian whiskey combined which conducts a beautiful taste.  This cocktail is a very powerful drink and it’s something which is quite popular as well.

The Gold Rush

The combination of bourbon, honey and lemon really packs a punch here with the Gold Rush.  However, this is going to be a very manly man drink because of the strength of the bourbon alone.  With the honey and lemon, they help to counter balance the bourbon taste but still it’s pretty strong but a lot smoother.  It feels like a hot Toddy but it’s more of a chic version.

The Godfather

Amaretto and bourbon make up this amazing drink.  It’s one drink most men will struggle with unless they can really handle their alcohol.  This is going to be really strong and probably best for those who can handle the sweet taste of bourbon and amaretto.  It’s popular but it’s quite appealing for a good reason.

Jack Daniels and Coke

This is more of a bittersweet drink but it’s certainly a very popular drink.  It’s a manly man drink and its one which is very popular throughout the world because of the sweet tastes and powerful after taste.  However, Jack D and coke is not going to be one that you should drink lots of because it can offer you a massive hangover in the morning.  This drink needs to be taken in moderation.

A Dirty Martini

A martini is very popular with many but the Dirty Martini is extremely popular with men.  This combines olive juice, olives, gin and vermouth into one amazing but powerful drink.  Though, the drink is more classic and traditional and often brings out a man’s maturity.  Again, drinking lots of these can go to your head but it’s still quite good to consider.

The Rusty Nail

This drink is certainly one for the manliest of men!  Scotch and lemon with ice makes up the rusty nail and it has so much kick.  It’s a great cocktail and if you aren’t used to these drinks, you will wake up with a big hangover the next day.  However, they are great and a very manly man drink.

Open Your Taste Buds

There are lots of different drinks to consider.  Manly man drinks come in their dozens and they can be quite strong but very appealing.  However, why don’t you open your taste buds and consider something other than beer?

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