How to Dress to Persuade ?


Clothes do say a lot about a person. It does not matter whether you are a CEO or an MMA fighter, you need to dress according to what you are doing. It is important to truly “dress up” and not look as if you did not take any care at all when going to work. Even if you do not hold a high position,. Your appearance will be the difference between new and better opportunities or remaining in the same spot forever. The more value you give the way you look the more value people will give to you. It does not matter whether you are a fragile looking kind of person or even a mainly man, make sure you dress to impress.

When you dress for success you attract success, just like shows us . We can not deny that men and women do have a certain effect on us depending on the way they dress. If you dress to impress, with clothes that are tidy and look perfect on you, you will certainly make people believe you. Clothes can give a feeling of responsibility, seriousness and also superiority. Depending on the way you dress you will truly be able to persuade.

How to dress to persuade?

It is very easy to dress to persuade. All that it takes is some attention and care. Dressing well does not mean spending thousands in a suit or even dress, however it is much more like dressing properly with the key items. You should dress o impress, and not spend to impress, there is a huge difference in that. You can not go to work with the same clothes you go out have some beer with friends. Although you do not need to dress with expensive clothes, wearing the cheapest on the market is not a good idea either. You should keep in mind that in order to dress to persuade you should dress well and have great fitting clothes, whether they are cheap or not.

We always hear that we should wear like we are superiors, we all should wear like CEOs, even if we have just begun. Who knows someday you can also become a SEO? If you dress poorly you will only have poor expectations and people will not pay much attention to you, even if you are an excellent employee with great qualifications. In order to persuade you need the right mix of expertise and looks. Make sure you pay attention to details. Make sure you ask the following questions before leaving to work every day:

  • Is my hair ok?
  • Are my clothes fitting well? Are they too snug or too loose?
  • Is anything looking old?
  • Are my shoes or bag/ purse dirty?
  • What about my car? Does it look presentable?

It  is impossible to deny that people do pay attention to each other. It is common of our nature to criticize people. If you are looking superior and clean people will certainly pay good attention to you and will not look for the flaws, instead they will think of you as a high qualified and skilled professional.