Muscle Building Workout Plans for All Body Types

Some muscle building workout plans work, and some do not work – not at all.

And that’s why you’re here on this site; because if your muscle building workout plans were actually working, you wouldn’t be sitting at your computer frustrated over your body’s lack of progress and searching for how to grow some serious muscle.

Body Training

On the other hand, maybe you are completely new to the world of strength training or bodybuilding and want to start off on the right foot, instead of ending up spending months or years wasting time with ineffective so-called muscle building workout plans that will do little more than give minor toning to your otherwise soft and weak body.

No man wants a soft body; the cure for soft body syndrome is the RIGHT muscle building workout plans.

And let’s not forget women who don’t want a weak-looking soft body. More and more women seek that hard-body appearance, which is far sexier than being round and soft. Let’s face it; men are turned on by a sculpted, shapely and tight physique!

With so many women and men desperately wanting a sleek, fit-looking hard physique, why do so FEW people have this kind of body? It isn’t because few people go to gyms. Gyms are all over the place and are crowded, yet only a tiny portion of gym users have “The Body.”

This is because most people would not know great muscle building workout plans if these routines hit them in the face. That’s a sorry fact. Very few men and women realize how important it is to seek out muscle building workout plans that WORK.

Instead they get mixed up with the conflicting advice in fitness magazines, fitness columns in newspapers, talk shows, celebrity muscle building workout plans that require personal trainers who charge $100 an hour, hyped up ads for “anabolic” pills, etc.

And along the way, they start following muscle building workout plans that are doomed to fail them.

Women do “triceps kickbacks” and bouncy slow motion pull-ups (if you want to call them that) on those giant assistance machines, then wonder why they don’t get results.

Men spend all this time on resistance machines, then wonder why they still look out of shape. Machines are not part of the arena of EFFECTIVE muscle building workout plans. Neither are isolation exercises or standing on wobbly platforms and curling dumbbells. Don’t be fooled by all those weird exercises you see personal trainers making their clients do!

Myth: The stranger an exercise, the more effective it is at building a rock hard muscular body. Pay NO attention to personal trainers making their clients do strange things with medicine balls and bosu balls that looks more like a circus show than training. You either want effective muscle building workout plans or you don’t.

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