Workout Plans to Gain Muscle for a Hard, Lean, Fat-burning Body

If you want a better body, you need to know the workout plans to gain muscle. Haphazardly picking up dumbbells and hopping from one resistance machine to the next will not get you the results, because there is no plan of attack.

Workout plans to gain muscle: Get a rock hard physique, whether you’re lifting weights for the first time or advanced and stuck at a plateau

Which workout plans to gain muscle produce the best results?

This question is very tough for most people, even though the answer is quite simple. You’ve probably gotten brainwashed by all sorts of rules about exercising, and maybe you’ve even been told that lifting weights isn’t healthy. Next time somebody tells you that lifting weights isn’t healthy, ask yourself if you want to look like this person.


You need to lift weights to get the body you want, which means you need to know the RIGHT workout plans to gain muscle – lean mass that will shape and energize your body and turn it into a fat-burning machine.

What workout plans to gain muscle are NOT about:

Even the most eager or desperate person will make mistakes when it comes to training. There are over 600 muscles in the body; why should you believe you magically know how to transform your body any more than you would magically know, without guidance, how to build a house?


One mistake people make is training too much, rather than training smart. Ever notice that often, the men and women with the best physiques seem to be in and out of the gym before you know it, while others with flabby, out-of-shape bodies are at the gym no matter what time you arrive, and are still there when you leave?


Effective workout plans to gain muscle involve knowing how much time to actually spend training, as well as the specific kinds of training.


Another mistake is that of lifting until you reach “failure.” This is not necessary at all to get your dream physique.

What are effective workout plans to gain muscle all about?

They are about training smart and without complicated, confusing protocols. Great workout plans to gain muscle are about flexible programs that are simple, not rocket science. Effective workout plans to gain muscle include strategies like progressive overload and fatigue management – not seeking it.


Successful workout plans to gain muscle are also all about focusing on the classic compound exercises, which few people at gyms actually do, which baffles me because most people at gyms do NOT have great bodies, yet the classic compound movements are the cornerstone of achieving a low-fat, highly-muscled, six-pack body.

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